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Every Day You Choose – Why Not Be Better at It?

Today you will choose. You’ll choose a friend, a partner, a doctor, a lawyer, a babysitter, or a date. How do you make these choices–and how can you make them better? Alan Tuerkheimer is a national jury consultant. We both have psychology degrees, legal degrees, and a combined 40 years of experience choosing people for […]

Decisions, Decisions – Picking People

Decisions are hard. It’s difficult enough to choose a gym, a stroller for your baby, or a restaurant to celebrate your anniversary. But when you have to choose a trainer to help you achieve your target weight, a babysitter to care for that baby, or the significant other to (hopefully) reach that anniversary milestone, the […]

Use Your Voice to Win

She was a wonderful doctor, but a terrible public speaker. One on one, person to person, she was kind, strong, confident and clear. But when she had to stand in front of a group to share a message, her voice would shake. It didn’t stop her from fulfilling her destiny though. She was meant to […]

Every Trial Comes to an End

“This will never end.” You know the feeling. When the ‘this’ is something that hurts, those four words are the verbalization of despair. When you can’t see an end to any type of pain, hope can be hard to find. I’ve felt this way. What human hasn’t? But one thing I’ve learned as a trial […]

Want to Win Life’s Trials?

I often say that everything I ever needed to know, I learned in the courtroom, at trial. Because trials don’t stay in the courtroom. We all face them in our everyday lives.  Trials are the challenges we have to overcome. They’re the battles we fight, with ourselves and others, the battles we so desperately want […]

Live from the Battlefield

This week is a little different, because I’m on trial, learning all sorts of lessons we can apply to our lives. I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks! One is something I’ve known for years. No matter how hard you prepare, you’re never ready for trial. The famous trial attorney […]

Yanny or Laurel? A Trial Lawyer’s Nightmare

Have you heard the whole controversy about Yanny and Laurel? If you haven’t, here is the link. What it comes down to is that because of our ears and the tone of this recording, some people hear Yanny and some hear Laurel. Two completely sane, normal people can hear completely and utterly different things. Not that […]

Complaints Get You Nowhere. Try This.

Civil lawsuits begin with Complaints.  Here, the offended party files a numbered list of all of the ways he has been wronged. The other party responds by admitting, denying, or objecting to that list. As you might expect, there are lots of denials and objections. Depending on which side they’re on, young lawyers spend much […]

Want to Win an Argument? Try This.

“Everyone says I should have been a lawyer. I LOVE to argue.” Often, when I tell people I’m a trial attorney, this is their response. They tell me that their families always told them they needed to take their stubborn debate skills and use them to make some money as a trial attorney. And those […]

Playing With Blindfolds

When I give keynotes, and especially when I give workshops, I often whip out blindfolds and tell the group we’re going to play some games. They tend to look at each other nervously, silently thinking “I didn’t realize it was that kind of workshop.” It’s not–but the blindfold games can improve your relationships in more […]

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