Facts tell. Stories sell. But advocates win.

Heather will leave your audience empowered with the tools to advocate for their teams, their products/service and their ideas. Her keynotes are engaging, actionable and interactive. Audiences leave with the tools to advocate for their products, services and ideas, and to turn the people around them into their advocates.

“Heather Hansen is an exceptional speaker. Her engaging stories kept the team’s attention, and her interactive exercises kept them engaged.”

Daniel van Starrenberg

Heather’s Tailored Keynotes

Heather offers tailored keynote presentations for:

  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Leaders and future leaders
  • Women and other marginalized groups
  • Entrepreneurs

When you know how to use Evidence and build belief, you can turn anyone into an advocate – for YOU.

Heather Hansen

All presentations will be customized to meet the audience’s needs and can be tailored to be delivered in person, hybrid or virtually.

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Heather Hansen

All Businesses

Advocate for What You Want – And Win

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or leadership, you have to advocate for your ideas, your products, and yourself every day. Advocating is building belief and overcoming doubts. It’s a vital business skill that no one has taught you – until now.

In this engaging, interactive keynote Heather teaches her audience 3 Es of an Advocate (Energy, Evidence, and Empathy). She shares how to turn anyone, even adversaries, into advocates. And more advocates means more referrals, testimonials, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Facts tell. Stories sell. Advocates win. Learn to make the case for your potential and you will win.

This keynote has previously been customized for

Healthcare Professionals

Technology Teams

Call Centre & Customer Experience Teams

Manufacturing Teams

Insurance Professionals

Learning Objectives

Recognize the vital difference between communicating and advocating.

Identify the 3 Es of an Advocate and how to use them to build belief.

Use the tools of an advocate to turn others into your advocates.

For Leaders


In times of change, people often become less loyal, less connected, and less invested. And as a result, the changes fail. It’s not enough for a leader to have great ideas. We need the tools to build belief in those ideas and our ability to execute them. Teams follow leaders because they believe, and an effective leader knows how to build belief. Leaders must learn to advocate.

In this actionable keynote, you’ll learn how to build belief in your ideas, your products, your business, and your team. You’ll learn how to optimize your energy, turn facts into evidence, and use cognitive empathy to speak to other perspectives. When you communicate, you share perspectives. When you advocate, you change them. You’ll leave this keynote with the tools to change your team’s perspective of change so everyone wins.

Heather Hansen

This keynote has previously been customized for

Leaders In Insurance

Leaders In Healthcare

Leaders In Retail

Leaders In Technology

Learning Objectives

Know the ways to ensure you are the strongest energy in the room.

Recognize the difference between facts and evidence and how to turn facts into evidence.

Use cognitive empathy to see other perspectives and speak in ways that resonate with those perspectives.

Heather Hansen

For Sales / Customer Experience Teams

Turn Anyone Into Your Advocate

Referrals aren’t enough. Raving fans aren’t enough. Even promoters aren’t enough. You need clients and customers to do more than talk about you. You need them to advocate for you.

In this engaging, actionable keynote Heather Hansen shares the tools she used in the courtroom so that you can turn anyone, even your adversaries, into your advocates. You’ll learn how to use evidence and energy to help people believe in you so strongly that they want to share it. And you’ll know how to give them the tools to advocate for you successfully.

This keynote has previously been customized for

Sales Teams

Customer Experience Teams

Healthcare Providers

Real Estate Professionals

Mortgage Professionals

Learning Objectives

Explain why it’s not enough to have referrals, testimonials, promoters or raving fans.

Use evidence (including data) and energy to change minds, hearts and beliefs.

Tap into your energy of belief so that others feel it as well.

For Women / ERGs

Master the Art of Asking

Three things stop us from getting what they want:

  • We don’t know what we want;
  • We don’t ask for it, out loud and with DELIGHT;
  • Or we don’t master the art of the ask.

No matter which of these stops you from getting what you want, you’ll learn the tools to overcome it in this keynote.

In this interactive, engaging keynote Heather Hansen shares how to persuade any “jury” to give you a win. She’ll share the tools you can use to overcome your own doubts and then move on to overcoming others’. You’ll build belief in yourself, your value and your potential and then build that same belief in others.

Heather Hansen

This keynote has previously been customized for


Women’s Groups

Veterans’ Groups

Learning Objectives

Learn to ask for what you want with DELIGHT, not resentment, frustration or fear.

Use the 3 step decision process to determine what you really want.

Overcome your doubts in yourself so that you’re willing to ask for what you want.

Master the art of asking by seeing things through other perspectives and speaking to those perspectives.

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