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My clients want to win.
I teach them to advocate.
And in the best of cases, everyone wins.

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“This book provides the essential tools to advocate for whatever you want in order to get the life you deserve.”

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

“As an advocate for excellence, I am an advocate of this book! Heather’s advice steers you onto the right path to actually ask for what you want, and how to actually get it. It's readable, it's actionable, and it's pure gold!”

Alisa Cohn #1 Startup Coach in the World - Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Leading Coaches Awards Top 30 Global Guru in Startups

“Inside this book are ten tools that will allow you to become your own best advocate. Heather applies each tool to your Inner Jury (the part of you that chooses) and your Outer Jury (your friends, family, clients and customers). The result is a primer on how to choose what you want -- and get it. This book is a catalyst for your best future life.”

Petra Kolber, Author of The Perfection Detox

The 5 C's of an Advocate

"Facts tell. Stories Sell. But an Advocate wins."

Heather helps audiences see themselves as advocates--for their ideas, their teams and themselves. She helps them see that they have their juries, whether it’s their customers, clients, investors or teammates. And then she helps them see that they can advocate to win--and no one can do it better.


When your team knows how to advocate for themselves, their ideas, and each other, innovation soars, burnout reduces, and referral business multiplies.

"Heather Hansen created an amazing workshop for my sales and marketing team on how to advocate to win. Her carefully curated presentation seamlessly combined our company's core values with her winning 5C's strategy how to be an advocate. " - Anna Bauer - Business Development & Marketing Director for Moët & Chandon at Moët Hennessy (LVMH)

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In Heather’s interactive, engaging keynotes she shares the 5 Cs of an Advocate and how anyone can use them to win. No matter what your industry, you are an advocate. It’s time to advocate with skill.

"Heather Hansen provided a keynote for our sales team, and she is an exceptional speaker. Her engaging stories kept the team’s attention, and her interactive exercises kept them engaged. " - Daniel van Starrenberg - Executive Chairman, Sav A Tree

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It’s time for you to become your own best advocate. Whether you want more money, more resources, more support or better boundaries, Heather’s coaching will give you the tools to ask for what you want-and get it.

"In just a few months of working with Heather, I was able to gain clarity, identify key factors holding me back and work through them to get laser focused on my time and building my business. I have tools to help me navigate the tough transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, all thanks to my time with Heather." - SJ - Coaching Client

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Heather’s consulting services include crisis communications/ advocacy, team evaluations and recommendations, and conflict management.

"Heather has been a pillar of support and assistance in terms of recommending appropriate action during instances where a trusted objective opinion is needed to guide decision making. She is thoughtful in her delivery, generous with her time, and has been a strong advocate not only for our organization but for me as a professional." - Nicole Coleman, CHPC, CHC, MBA - Vice President of Risk Management & Rothman Orthopaedic Institute

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Heather loves to tailor her keynotes to the audience. Part of being a great advocate is knowing your jury and creating a message that speaks to them.

"She was outstanding, using real life litigation and courtroom examples to demonstrate how using your voice and asking questions will give you different perspectives and lead to increased credibility and self-confidence. Heather’s enthusiasm and passion empowered everyone in attendance! She owned the room. As one female leader said 'I could have listened to her all day!'" - Kelly Wright - VP of Human Relations, Bimbo Bakeries USA

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Explore our definitions of elegance and how to maintain it when things get hard.

During these light, fun and insightful conversations we talk about our big ideas and how we can advocate for them.

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