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Publisher’s Weekly calls The Elegant Warrior “a template for achieving personal and career goals”, and Advocate to Win dives into the core competencies of an advocate.

When you’re ready to become your own best advocate, these are the books you need.


Best Selling Author

The Elegant Warrior: How To Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself

The Elegant Warrior

How To Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Your Self

Heather Hansen has spent over 20 years fighting on the battlefields of the courts―but even in her fiercest clashes, she’s remained true to her principles.

Advocate to Win

10 Tools to Ask for What You Want and Get It

In Heather Hansen’s second book, Advocate to Win, she shares how you can use the strategies and tools of a trial attorney to ask for what you want—and get it.

What Are People Saying About Heather’s Books?

“An incredibly refreshing, clever and relatable approach to becoming one’s best self! The Elegant Warrior is a to-the-point, brilliant composition of moments captured from the pages of the author’s life which she drives home in both poignant and entertaining ways.”

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“I honestly believe that reading this book is guaranteed to make any person better. It has so many helpful and actionable tools for becoming more persuasive and getting what you want. It’s also intertwined with interesting personal stories that helo put it all into perspective.”

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