Heather Hansen

Every Day You Choose – Why Not Be Better at It?

Today you will choose. You’ll choose a friend, a partner, a doctor, a lawyer, a babysitter, or a date. How do you make these choices–and how can you make them better? Alan Tuerkheimer is a national jury consultant. We both have psychology degrees, legal degrees, and a combined 40 years of experience choosing people for the juries that will decide our clients’ cases. We’ve studied the research, analyzed our experience, and created a webinar.

-How to overcome analysis paralysis, and start making decisions faster and with more clarity.

-How to read body language, the importance of feet and hands, and what to do when you interview over Skype rather than in person.

-How closing your eyes may help you become better at choices, and what the orchestra has to do with it.

-How, when it comes to choosing others, confidence might be your greatest obstacle.

-The 5 Factor Personality Model, and what a medicine cabinet can tell you about whether someone is Open, Conscientious, Agreeable, Extroverted or Neurotic.

-How listening gives you all of the power

-How the number 7 might help you change your perspective and make better choices.

In this hour long webinar, we’ll get into all of this and more. Alan and I have put together an hour’s worth of research, slides and stories.

Heather Hansen

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