About Heather Hansen

Heather is the premier expert on how to advocate for what you want-and get it. She’s given thousands of clients the tools to create credible connections, overcome doubts and misunderstanding, and achieve more sales, attention, loyalty and engagement.

“I saw Heather speak to a completely enamored group of digital marketers and immediately decided that she is my new favorite keynote speaker.”

Michael Brenner
Heather Hansen

Who Is Heather Hansen?

For over twenty years Heather was a trial attorney, defending doctors and hospitals in court. Her job was to help diverse groups of people believe in her case so that her client could win. She combined this experience with her psychology degree, her conflict resolution training, her time as a TV host, and the thousands of books she has read to create a curriculum to teach anyone to advocate.

Heather has worked with organizations like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Google, Sav A Tree, the American Medical Association, Call Miner, and LVMH to help them make the case for their services, products, ideas, and their teams. She’s also shared these tools at Harvard Business School, Stanford Law School, The University of Pennsylvania, and with audiences across the world. Heather is most proud of her 98% return engagement rate. Once they learn to advocate, Heather’s clients become her advocates within the organization.


Return Engagement Rate

Clients always want more!

Heather Hansen

Heather has combined her experience in the courtroom with her degree in psychology, her certification as a mediator, and her television work for The Today Show, CNN, Fox Business, Good Day Philadelphia, and The Dr. Oz Show to develop her 5Cs of an Advocate. With these tools you can overcome objections, banish doubt, build credibility, and change people’s perspectives.

Host of The Elegant Warrior podcast, one of the top 100 Career podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

As seen on The Today Show, CNN, Fox Business, Good Day Philadelphia, The Dr. Oz Show and more.

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