Sometimes you need an Advocacy expert.

You need someone who can advocate for you and show you how to advocate for yourself-immediately. That’s when people like you consult with Heather.

There are times you need to advocate for yourself - fast.

It might be a time of conflict, a crisis or a system launch. That’s when Heather comes in and consults with you and your team. She gives you the tools to advocate for yourself. Heather helps with crisis communication, conflict resolution and change management. Together, you will use the tools of an advocate. And you will win.

Conflict Resolution

Crisis Communication

Systems Launch

Change Management


Heather has been a pillar of support and assistance in terms of recommending appropriate action during instances where a trusted objective opinion is needed to guide decision making. She is thoughtful in her delivery, generous with her time, and has been a strong advocate not only for our organization but for me as a professional.

Nicole Coleman, CHPC, CHC, MBA Vice President of Risk Management & Compliance, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute

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