Heather offers customized consulting, training and coaching to give you and your team the tools to build credibility, master persuasion, change perspectives and make the case for what you need.

Whatever you need, Heather can tailor her consulting to help you. For example, Heather can provide:

  • A series of Master Classes
  • A private podcast tailored and produced for your team
  • A day long interactive workshop

“Heather has been a pillar of support and assistance in terms of recommending appropriate action during instances where a trusted objective opinion is needed to guide decision making. She is thoughtful in her delivery, generous with her time, and has been a strong advocate not only for our organization but for me as a professional.”

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Heather Hansen

Heather has done it all.

She has even created a 3 year curriculum for various clients around how to make the case for your ideas, your teams and your goals.

Together, you and Heather can co-create a tailored program to best serve your stakeholders.

The following are just some examples of the types of work Heather has done.

Conflict Resolution

In times of conflict, misunderstanding is the enemy. Heather has mediation certification through Pepperdine University and Drexel University.

She can help your team learn effective ways to manage conflict and advocate for their ideas at the same time.

Change Management

Change needs an advocate. When your team has a fear of the unknown, someone needs to overcome their doubts and help them change perspectives to see opportunity instead of threat.

With Heather’s help you learn how to advocate for change so well that you can turn the team into advocates for the change you seek.

Advocacy Training

Heather provides bespoke training for your team to ensure that the learning doesn’t end with a single keynote.

She’ll help you to create bespoke training in person, on video or via private podcasts so that you and your team can continue to hone this vital skill.

For more information on Heather’s training, contact her today.