Advocate to Win customizes all of their offerings to best serve the client. Every client is different, after all, and the best advocates learn to create a message that serves their clients as individuals. Below are some of our most popular offerings.



Heather Hansen Consulting Services


We help your team identify their “jury” (clients/customers/team members) and use Heather’s proprietary 7x7w system to create a message that will resonate with that jury.

You’ll learn how to break the curse of knowledge and get your message through to even the toughest listener. During these workshops we can also work on the messenger — body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. These are the tools of an advocate, and we can help you use them to win.

You’ll learn Heather’s “PAUSE process” and how to ask better questions, deal with objections, use evidence and build credibility with your clients/customers and your team.

Online Offerings


Heather Hansen Consulting Services


Heather’s extensive television experience has made her familiar with the best ways to use audio and video to share ideas. Whether you want audio learning, webinars, online courses or a custom made combination, we will work with you to create a program that will keep your team engaged and motivated.

Any of the workshop/keynote topics can be taught through online offerings.

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Train the Trainer


Heather Hansen Consulting Services


Many clients want to create an Advocate to Win culture in their offices.

We can work with you to choose and train team members who can then share Heather’s “PAUSE process”, the 5 Cs of an Advocate, the 7x7w exercise and the Win/Lose/Weird analysis to ensure your entire team grows as advocates, together.

Strategy Days


Heather Hansen Consulting Services


After years of preparing for trials in the “war room”, we know that sometimes you have to lock down, focus in, and get it done.

The ATW team can work with you on the specific issue you identify. You’ll leave the day confident in your ability to overcome any trial and win support, attention, loyalty, and engagement.

The A Team Experience

Heather Hansen Consulting Services


This is a 2 day immersive, intensive experience for CEOs and leaders who want to advocate to win.

On the first day, Heather works with you to identify your “jury” (clients/customers/team members) and hone your message so that it speaks directly to them.

You’ll leave with your personalized 7x7w process and the words to use to make it work.

On the second day, the rest of the A-Team arrives.

Heather’s team of professionals will help you learn to advocate across the table, on camera, and on the stage.

We have production professionals, makeup artists, stylists and even body work professionals to help you feel confident that no matter what the setting, you can advocate to win.

Want the tools to be an advocate for your big ideas?

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