You have doubts. We all do. An advocate knows how to overcome doubts, and Heather teaches you to advocate. Because when you overcome your own doubts, others’ doubts are easy.

You need to believe. First, you need to believe yourself, believe in yourself and believe that you have your own back. And when you do, your clients and customers, friends and family, audiences and prospects will follow your lead.

Heather gives women like you the tools to build credibility with yourself and then with others. She gives you the tools to use that credibility to advocate for yourself and your ideas. You become your own best advocate. Because no one can, or will, do it better than you.

“I was having a hard time in my job and working too closely with a tornado like CEO. I didn’t see a future for myself in that organization. Working with you inspired me not to melt down or run away from the situation. Instead, I learned to advocate for myself… I am so proud to say I have gotten an offer at a tier 1 global strategy firm. This never would have happened with our your coaching!”

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Heather Hansen

One of Heather’s clients had a 50 times return on her investment after working with Heather. She learned to believe in herself, her value and her magic. Then she used her credibility to ask for a well deserved raise, and got it.

Other clients have landed speaking engagements, clients, promotions, opportunities and new relationships. Most importantly, they’ve learned how to believe themselves, believe in themselves, and believe that they are capable of helping themselves. They believe. They have credibility. And credibility wins.

“As a fast-growing tech-enabled healthcare start-up, working in a virtual environment during the pandemic and now within the new realities of the post pandemic healthcare environment, we felt the challenges of leading a growing employee base in a constantly changing environment. Our diverse and talented group of clinical professionals, all from traditional healthcare settings, had to quickly come together and transition knowledge of these settings into a new form of clinical delivery.

The dynamic of merging varying clinical backgrounds, in a high growth organization, was a unique challenge that most of our team has not encountered before. Our predominantly female clinical leadership team was looking for ways to support collaboration and communication between themselves and throughout the organization.

We asked Heather to help facilitate discussions, including both group and individual coaching sessions, and the results were excellent. Heather’s ability to quickly build rapport with the team made the work personal and interactive. Her focus on advocacy gave the women the tools to go beyond leadership and become stronger advocates for their ideas, each other and the change that comes with rapid growth. Heather has been a valuable partner as we take our team to the next level and our teams continue to leverage the coaching experience from these sessions and the benefits to our business have been significant.”

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