You advocate every day.

An advocate is simply someone who publicly supports something. So if you recommend a restaurant or a TV show, you’re advocating. And while you are likely an extraordinary advocate for your friends, your family and your colleagues, you might not be as good at advocating for yourself. But that has to change.

No one can advocate for you, your ideas, your wants and your needs better than you can.

Heather coaches her clients to use the tools of an advocate and start advocating for themselves. She combines her psychology degree, years of speaking to juries, television audiences, and on stages, her life coach certification and years of counseling her clients to help you advocate to win.

To win is “to receive something positive because you’ve earned it”. Your something positive might be...

More Money

Better Boundaries

More Support

More Investments

More Confidence

You earn it by advocating. Heather can help.

I was seeking a practical life coach, someone with the knowledge of psychology who could equip me with tools that I could apply on a daily basis. When I first heard Heather speak at a talk, her energy and philosophy immediately resonated with me. The money that I spent on coaching sessions with Heather has been the best money I've ever spent on myself - I got so much out of these sessions. One of the tools that Heather talks about is keeping an evidence journal, and this has helped me a ton in being able to observe myself and grow from my own experiences. This has also helped me appreciate myself, which was an area that I wanted to work on with Heather's help. Thank you so much Heather, you are truly empowering and I can't wait to work with you again.


Heather is the definition of an agile professional. I hired her for general business coaching, but when I was faced with a presentation emergency she rolled up her sleeves got to work. Her creative, yet practical coaching about everything messaging, presence, and visual aids was exceptional. She cut through the stress and helped me create a winning presentation. Most importantly, Heather gave me lasting confidence and clarity about myself and my message which has set a foundation for future success.

Kim D

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