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Trial Day 12 – Learn To Object

Today I want to talk about learning to object. I give entire keynotes on this topic, and it has a full chapter in my book, so this is just a tease. But it’s an important one. You have to learn to object effectively. You have to learn to stand up, use your voice, and set […]

Trial Day 11 – Know When To Settle

You want it all. So do I. We want to be successful, whatever that means to us. We want our families to be successful. We want more money, more love, more fun and more applause. We want what we want, when we want it. All of this wanting is great if it drives you forward, […]

The 30 Days Of Trials Challenge

TRIAL DAY 1-HANDLE COMPLAINTS In civil cases, we start with Complaints. The injured person files a Complaint listing all of the ways she’s been wronged. Then the other side objects or denies. Does this sound familiar? We often spend our days filing complaints. “You left the dishes out” .” You never want to do anything”. […]

Time to Try Something New

Doesn’t September feel a little bit like a new beginning?  New notebooks, new schedules, and with the kids in new classes with new teachers it may be time for us to try something new as well. As the kids go back to school, let’s join them. Let’s learn a little bit about ourselves. One of […]

The 30 Days of Trials Challenge

It’s time for a challenge. I’m a trial lawyer, but you face trials every day as well. Another word for trial is test, and in the courtroom the jury tests your case. Outside the courtroom, life tests you. Will you win, or will you lose? More important, can you win (or lose) without losing yourself? […]

Let’s Get Personal

What did you think of the Eagles pre-season game? What did you bring for lunch today? Do you prefer Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? If you think I’m getting personal, you may be right. It also might be the secret to success. Last week we held a live webinar on the value of asking questions. During […]

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat But…..

When you were young, you were naturally curious. It’s how you learned everything you know. Curiosity is what taught you to walk, to understand others, and to understand yourself. It gave you perspective. As we get older, we lose that curiosity. Worse yet, sometimes it’s taken from us by well meaning people who want us […]

The Secret to Gaining Perspective

Perspective changes everything. Better sales, better relationships, better negotiating skills, and better choices all stem from changing your perspective. You know it’s true. At our last webinar, 85% of you said you wanted tips on how to change perspective to make better choices. Luckily, there is one easy way to gain perspective. ASK MORE QUESTIONS. […]

Analysis Paralysis Is Holding You Back

When you fail to make decisions, you fail. While you torture yourself over what to do next, someone else has done the next thing, right or wrong, and left you in her dust. Decisions lead to movement, and in order to succeed you have to move. So you have to choose. But so many of […]

Today’s the Day – Learn to Choose!

Research shows that successful people make more choices and are more decisive. The more you do something, the better you get at it, so the more you choose the easier it becomes. You can be better at choosing as well. We’ll give you tools to make better choices in today’s webinar “How to Choose People–Lessons […]

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