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Are Patients and Doctors Cursed?

Sometimes a Snapple cap can change everything. I opened my iced tea, flipped the lid as I always do, and stopped in my tracks. “You are always looking at your nose, your brain just chooses to ignore it.” That can’t be true. I couldn’t be spending my life just ignoring something as obvious as, well, […]

The Problem With Power in Healthcare

In the movie Malice, Alec Baldwin plays Dr Jed Hill, a surgeon who gives a famous speech during a deposition in a medical malpractice case. “If you’re looking for God, he was in operating room #2 on November 17th, and he doesn’t like to be second guessed… I am God.” No one wants a doctor […]

Health Care Needs to Focus On ROR Over ROI

I’ve been in the relationship business since I was sixteen. I waitressed for years, and I’d get better tips based on the relationships I’d built with my customers. I did very well as a waitress, but I didn’t treat my customers well for the tips. I did it for the interaction itself. My job was […]

Sparks Need Oxygen

It’s been almost a month since we finished the Rubber Band Challenge, and I’m starting to get antsy.  If we want to expand our comfort zones we can’t just wait around for them to grow. We have to push them from the inside–sort of like a chicken breaking out of its shell, or a butterfly […]

Rubber Band Challenge Recap and Bracelet

We did it! We spent 30 days exploring all that we COULD BE.  Just like the people who realized that a rubber band could be an eraser, we saw and explored 30 different possibilities for ourselves. Here are all 30 of our challenges in a nutshell: 1-We Could Be People Who Don’t Complain 2-We Could […]

The 30 Day Rubber Band Challenge

I recently read a study about rubber bands and possibilities.  The bottom line is this: when people were told a rubber band IS a rubber band, they didn’t imagine it could also be an eraser. When they were told it COULD BE a rubber band, almost half of the people saw it could also be […]

Healthy Eating and Kids – Simple, but Not Easy

My friend, Jennae, is a phenom. She is a dietician, yoga instructor and a dance teacher. She has more energy than anyone else I know, and she has lots of good advice. Her passion is children, and specifically children’s diets.  I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her advice for parents […]

Rubber Bands & Possibility

“I dwell in possibility.” Emily Dickinson So do I, for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I was a voracious reader and my favorite books were about magic, fairies, and angels. As I got older, my favorite time of day was the morning, because at the beginning of the day […]

When Doctors and Patients Don’t Speak the Same Language

Life is about connections. Our family, social, work and on line connections make us happier and healthier. The outcomes of trials hinge on connections. I work with my clients on ways to connect with the jury, because without that connection we’re unlikely to win the case. Medicine is probably the profession most dependent on connections. […]

What Do You Want?

Nate McIntyre isn’t your typical trainer. He’s a musician and his band, Killer Whale, is about to come out with a new video.  (He comes by his musical talent honestly–Macy Gray is his sister). That in itself could be enough to keep him busy, but he also owns and manages Bodyrock Bootcamp, a gym in […]

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