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Equating Life with Life

“It’s very important to me to equate life with life.” When Dr Owen Montgomery said this in our recent interview, it stuck with me. What does that mean? Do I do that? Do I equate life with life? For the answer to the first question, we need to look no further than Dr Montgomery and […]

“You Cut Them, You Marry Them” – Anatomy of a Total Knee Replacement

As you may have seen from my blog “The Science of a Spark” I had the chance to watch a knee replacement live. While we don’t have a video of a knee replacement surgery here, we do have the next best thing. Dr. Booth, the world’s most experienced knee replacement surgeon, talks to us about what […]

The Science of a Spark

It all begins with friction – the resistance that is created when two objects meet. That friction creates a spark, and if you feed that spark with oxygen you get fire. In the right environment, a spark can change the world. History has it that Ben Franklin discovered electricity by extracting sparks from a cloud […]

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