Heather Hansen

Today’s the Day – Learn to Choose!

Research shows that successful people make more choices and are more decisive. The more you do something, the better you get at it, so the more you choose the easier it becomes. You can be better at choosing as well. We’ll give you tools to make better choices in today’s webinar “How to Choose People–Lessons from Jury Selection”.

My co-host, Alan Tuerkheimer, and I have a combined 40 years of experience choosing juries. These are the people who decide our clients’ fates. We also have psychology degrees, legal degrees, and you. Because we want YOU to join the webinar with your questions, comments and thoughts.

If you attend this webinar you’ll learn:

1-The power of being decisive, and how you can learn to tap that power

2-Body language, and how to read it

3-Tone and the surprising statistic showing just how important it can be

4-Assumptions, how they hurt us and what we can do about them

5-Perspective, and how to get it

6-Questions, and the ones to ask to best figure out personality traits

7-Envisioning the future, and the ways that helps us choose.

Be sure to register here so that you get the link, and then be sure to join us live at 2pm. If you can’t attend live, once you register you’ll automatically get the replay sent to you when it is ready. Hope to see you later today!


Heather Hansen

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