Heather Hansen

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat But…..

When you were young, you were naturally curious. It’s how you learned everything you know. Curiosity is what taught you to walk, to understand others, and to understand yourself. It gave you perspective. As we get older, we lose that curiosity. Worse yet, sometimes it’s taken from us by well meaning people who want us to get things “right” rather than explore the alternatives. If you want to improve your perspective, you’ve got to explore. You’ve got to indulge your curiosity.

You do that by asking questions. So if you want better perspective, on yourself and others, you’ve got to ask more questions. Trial lawyers are good at questions. Questions are our secret weapon, the one we use to win. Over time, with practice, we get very good at the who, what, when, where and whys of questions. We also get good at the how. Asking questions is a skill like any other, and that means there are ways to do it better. That’s what we’re going to explore at our next webinar on Thursday, August 9th at both 2pm and 7pm. I’m doing it live at both times to be sure as many people as possible can attend and join the chat. That’s how important questions are. I believe we can win with words, and I know that better questions, asked more often, are the key to victory.

Hal Gregersen is a world renowned expert on innovation at MIT. He recommends setting aside 4 minutes every day to ask better questions. That’s a good start. But if you want to win with words, more and more of those words should be questions. We’ll explore how to make that happen. The link for the 2pm EST live webinar is here 

And the link for the 7pm EST live webinar is here.

See you there!

Heather Hansen

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