Heather Hansen

The 30 Days of Trials Challenge

It’s time for a challenge. I’m a trial lawyer, but you face trials every day as well. Another word for trial is test, and in the courtroom the jury tests your case. Outside the courtroom, life tests you. Will you win, or will you lose? More important, can you win (or lose) without losing yourself? If you win but lose your self respect, the respect of others, your dignity, or your elegance, it isn’t a win at all.

Learning how to win and lose while maintaining yourself and keeping your greater goals in mind isn’t easy. It takes practice. That’s why we’ve created a 30 Days of Trials Challenge. Starting in mid-September, we will be sending you a different trial every day. For one day, you’ll try it. You’ll win, or you’ll lose. Most importantly, you’ll see whether you can maintain all that you want to be in the face of all that you want to do.

I once walked into the courtroom and found an opposing attorney going through the notes on my desk. At the end of the case, when we went to shake hands, he couldn’t meet my eyes. You want to be able to look in the eyes of your colleagues, your family, and your friends at the end of each one of your trials. Most of all, you want to be able to look into your own eyes in the mirror each morning. You want to be proud of who you are while you’re going through your trials. You want to be an elegant warrior.

We’ll work together to face each one of these trials. We’ll build a community to share our wins, our losses, and what they mean. And at the end of the challenge, for those who actively participate in the discussion, there just may be a little reward for all of your hard work. If you’re not interested, you can unsubscribe. But if you are interested, PLEASE SHARE!!! We want to build a huge community around this so we can learn from one another.

I’ll be back with more details next week. Good luck with the trials you’ll encounter in the meantime!

Heather Hansen

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