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The 30 Day Rubber Band Challenge

I recently read a study about rubber bands and possibilities.  The bottom line is this: when people were told a rubber band IS a rubber band, they didn’t imagine it could also be an eraser. When they were told it COULD BE a rubber band, almost half of the people saw it could also be […]

Healthy Eating and Kids – Simple, but Not Easy

My friend, Jennae, is a phenom. She is a dietician, yoga instructor and a dance teacher. She has more energy than anyone else I know, and she has lots of good advice. Her passion is children, and specifically children’s diets.  I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her advice for parents […]

Rubber Bands & Possibility

“I dwell in possibility.” Emily Dickinson So do I, for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I was a voracious reader and my favorite books were about magic, fairies, and angels. As I got older, my favorite time of day was the morning, because at the beginning of the day […]

When Doctors and Patients Don’t Speak the Same Language

Life is about connections. Our family, social, work and on line connections make us happier and healthier. The outcomes of trials hinge on connections. I work with my clients on ways to connect with the jury, because without that connection we’re unlikely to win the case. Medicine is probably the profession most dependent on connections. […]

What Do You Want?

Nate McIntyre isn’t your typical trainer. He’s a musician and his band, Killer Whale, is about to come out with a new video.  (He comes by his musical talent honestly–Macy Gray is his sister). That in itself could be enough to keep him busy, but he also owns and manages Bodyrock Bootcamp, a gym in […]

Teaming Up to Help Mothers

Maternal mortality is when women die because of complications from pregnancy or childbirth.  It’s a problem in Africa–and in Texas. Dr Gregg Alleyne is a doctor in Philadelphia. He works as an obstetrician and gynecologist at Drexel University. Dr Alleyne also travels to Africa, to improve medical care so that pregnant women there are less […]

What’s It Worth to You?

My mom spent her life as a teacher in the public school system. She never talked about her salary, but she was underpaid. She taught emotionally disturbed high school students in the resource room. Her days were stressful and sometimes dangerous, and yet she was paid far less than my salesman father. It had nothing […]

Oaths Have Power – Healthcare Relationships

OATHS HAVE POWERLawyers take oaths. Jurors do as well. In Philadelphia, where I try cases most often, jurors pledge to “well and truly try the case”. I can tell you that jurors take this oath very seriously. Medical malpractice cases almost always involve extremely sympathetic plaintiffs. They’re injured, sometimes catastrophically. Often the injured are children. […]

Healing One Laugh at a Time

Man it’s been a rough week. Most of us are sleep deprived from staying up way too late waiting for election returns. Many are heartbroken about the result. In fact, The Washington Post is reporting that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline had an unprecedented volume of calls this week. Others are pleased with the results, […]

Is Healthcare a Privilege or a Right?

I met Rick Ungar when I was a regular panelist on The Daily Wrap, a show he co-hosted on the Newsmax channel.  He is a liberal voice on a channel that’s been known to lean towards the conservative viewpoint, and he always held his own. That’s due, in large part, to the breadth of knowledge […]

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