Heather Hansen

Rubber Band Challenge Recap and Bracelet

We did it! We spent 30 days exploring all that we COULD BE.  Just like the people who realized that a rubber band could be an eraser, we saw and explored 30 different possibilities for ourselves. Here are all 30 of our challenges in a nutshell:

1-We Could Be People Who Don’t Complain

2-We Could Be People Who Travel

3-We Could Be People Who Won’t Drive Distracted

4-We Could Be Meditators

5-We Could Be Tech Savvy

6-We Could Be Readers

7-We Could Be Good Sleepers

8-We Could Be Sugar Free

9-We Could Be Creative

10-We Could Be Kind

11-We Could Be Playful

12-We Could Be Organized

13-We Could Be Proactive

14-We Could Be Curious

15-We Could Be Compassionate

16-We Could Be Forgiving

17-We Could Be Healthier/Vegan/Drinking Water

18-We Could Be Outdoors

19-We Could Be Positive

20-We Could Be Breathing

21-We Could Be Making Something

22-We Could Be Moving

23-We Could Be Less Shallow

24-We Could Be Volunteers

25-We Could Be Doing It Scared

26-We Could Be Imperfect

27-We Could Be Caring for Ourselves

28-We Could Be Impersonal

29-We Could Be Present

30-We Could Be Grateful

Imagine if we worked towards achieving these possibilities in our lives every day! Our entire lives might change. I hope you continue to look for the possibilities and share them with me and one another. And stay tuned–I think I already have the next challenge percolating in my head….

Thanks again-for everything.


Heather Hansen

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