Heather Hansen

Sparks Need Oxygen

It’s been almost a month since we finished the Rubber Band Challenge, and I’m starting to get antsy.  If we want to expand our comfort zones we can’t just wait around for them to grow. We have to push them from the inside–sort of like a chicken breaking out of its shell, or a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. So what do you think? Is it time for another challenge?

I have something in mind.  What you feed, grows.  Feed your spark, it becomes a flame. So what are we feeding as spring approaches?  Are you feeding the positive or the negative? I’m thinking this next challenge will help us feed the positive feelings and thoughts in our lives.  Let’s start an inferno.

So, I’m getting to work on the Spirits on Fire Challenge to help us welcome spring with open arms, hot and bright like fire.  Stay tuned!

Heather Hansen

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