Heather Hansen

Healing One Laugh at a Time

Man it’s been a rough week.

Most of us are sleep deprived from staying up way too late waiting for election returns. Many are heartbroken about the result. In fact, The Washington Post is reporting that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline had an unprecedented volume of calls this week. Others are pleased with the results, but afraid to even smile lest they be branded all kinds of terrible things.  Time to take a deep breath.

We need each other.

One of the reasons I started H2Spark was because I was seeing all of this scientific evidence that the greatest predictor of health is relationships.  I can’t be healthy without you, and you can’t be healthy without me. So let’s get to work healing one another.  That means volunteering for causes that are important to you. That means sharing your emotions with friends and listening with an open ear.  It means stepping away from the news and taking a walk outside, in nature.  All of these things are proven to make you healthier. If we do them together, we can get even more benefit.

Laughing also helps. My friend Dr Kelly Powers sat down with me recently to discuss the medical power of laughter.  It’s proven to work, and there’s science behind it.  So let it work. Let yourself laugh.

We learned to laugh before we learned to talk. Let’s remember how to do that again.  Maybe to start, just for today, talk less and laugh more.  Let’s see where that gets us.

Heather Hansen

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