Heather Hansen

You’re Hiring!

You need help.  You need more time, more understanding, better resources, or better compensation. What you really need is someone to stand up for you, to fight for your needs and your wants. Imagine if you could hire someone who publicly supports you and all that you need. Imagine that person will fight for all of those things and more. That person is an advocate, and having one would change everything for you. You need an advocate, and the time has come to find one. 

If you were hiring for the job of advocate, you’d look for someone who would fight when necessary. She will also do everything possible to make it unnecessary. Your advocate would have your best interests in mind and in heart. She’d be someone you could trust to do what is best for you, and to get you the best possible result.

What’s the first thing you’d want your advocate to do?  Would she make a call you’ve been putting off, or schedule a meeting you’ve been dreading? Would she block off time in your schedule for you to get something vital accomplished, and tell everyone you are unavailable? Maybe she’d make sure you had some time for rest. Would she right a wrong, or take a chance? Make a list of all the things your best advocate would do. Now do them.  You can hire yourself. Be your own best advocate. 

“I’m sorry, Heather can’t make that meeting. She has to write, and today that comes first.” Or “Heather needs you to stop speaking to her that way, and show a little more respect.” You can advocate for yourself, and imagining doing it in the third persons might help.   Because studies show that when we refer to ourselves in the third person it results in reduced anxiety, better performance, less shame, negativity and less rumination after an event. 

It works for LeBron James. In an interview years ago, he said “I’m going to do what’s best for LeBron James”  He was acting as his own advocate, and look where that’s gotten him. Time for you to do the same. Hire yourself to advocate for yourself. Make a list of what you’d ask an advocate to do on your behalf, and then get to work.  No one can do it better than you. Be your own best advocate, and soon you’ll be ready for a promotion…

Heather Hansen

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