Heather Hansen

How to Be Charismatic on Video

Do you want to know how to be charismatic on video? Now that more and more of your calls and meeting are by video, many of you do. For over 20 years I’ve seen attorneys use videotaped depositions at trial. I’ve used them myself. And those experiences have taught me a lot about how to help my clients/experts be charismatic on video.

But first, a little about what happens if you aren’t charismatic. People fall asleep. I learned this when I was a young law student. I started serving as the second chair attorney at trials as soon as I graduated law school, and I learned a lot. But the biggest surprise was this–juror fall asleep. They do it often. Usually it happens after lunch and most often when the court officer rolls in a screen and we pop in a video. Videos can be boring.

But with a little bit of charisma, you can change that. The definition of charisma is a special magnetic charm, and the origin of the word is “special gift”. We all have our special gifts, and we can use them on video. When you are charismatic on video, you will better engage your clients, customers, team members and managers. And it’s simple–but not easy.

I have a 5 part FOCUS process that will help you. (More on that here). But if you want to know how to be charismatic on video, first you have to know your “jury”. That is the F of the FOCUS process. Figure out your jury.

And you do have your jury. Everyone does. Your jury is the people you want to persuade or influence. In each video call you do, your jury will be different. Sometimes it’s your managers and your team. Other times it is a potential client or a customer. The better you know your jury, the more charismatic you will be. The gift you are giving is the gift of your attention and your interest. And when you speak to what you jury wants and cares about, they become more interested in you.

And you have an advantage that I don’t have. My trials aren’t like what you see on the TV show Bull. I don’t get to dive deep into my jury’s likes, dislikes or needs. But you do! You usually know who you will be on a video call/conference with, and you can figure out a little bit about them. What are they worried about? What do they need? How can you serve?

Use that information to craft a message that speaks directly to your jury. Tell them how and why you want to serve them. Uses words that speak directly to their experience. When you do you’ll see their eyes light up. They’ll lean forward with interest. And they’ll be drawn to your charisma. You’ll have given them the gift of your attention and your interest, and that is the first secret behind how to be charismatic on video.

Heather Hansen

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