Heather Hansen

Make Them Feel Significant

If you want to win someone’s attention, loyalty or engagement, make them feel significant. Every one of us wants to feel like we matter, and that our lives have meaning. It’s a universal need. No matter who your jury is–clients, customers, team members or family–you want to make them to know their meaning and that they matter. Then you can influence and persuade them much more easily.

In the courtroom I’d work to make my jury feel significant. I’d remember things each person had told me during jury selection. Then I’d try to refer back to that thing during the trial. I wanted each juror to feel like they mattered to me and my client. Because I knew that if we could make our jury feel significant, we’d make better connections. We’d be more credible. And we’d be more likely to win.

Now I work with my coaching clients on how to win jobs, promotions, raises or opportunities. We also work on how to get better relationships with better boundaries. And I always tell them everyone just wants to feel safe, smart and significant.

And remember–your first and worst jury is you. So be sure to make yourself feel safe, smart and significant. Remind yourself that you matter, and you have meaning. Do it with words and with actions. Because when you feel significant, you’ll blossom.

Anytime you’re getting ready to persuade or convince a “jury”, make every one of them feel significant. And watch what it does for your relationship, your business and your life.

Heather Hansen

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