Heather Hansen

Credibility And Creativity Win

When it comes to advocating, credibility and creativity win. They are just 2 of the 5 Cs of an Advocate and they are powerful. One of my clients just called to tell me she used them to win a promotion and a raise.

This woman had read my book, The Elegant Warrior, and she wanted to start using her voice to advocate for herself and her ideas. She hired me to work with her, and we decided to focus on credibility and creativity. So we identified her “jury”–the people who would decide whether she’d get the promotion. Then we used my 7x7w process to create a message that would speak directly to that jury.

Next, we got to work on credibility. The root of the word credibility is belief, and she had to believe in herself first. So we set expectations and met them, and she made herself promises and kept them. And then we were off to the races. We used my Win/Lose/Weird formula to take the body of evidence available to her and use it to credibly argue for the promotion and the raise.

And she got it. She just called me, over the moon with excitement. She got the raise, and she got the promotion. What she also got is more confidence in herself. She got more permission to advocate for herself, and more validation that no one could do it better than she could. She advocated, and she won. Because credibility and creativity win.

You can do the same. Call me if you want to get started.

Heather Hansen

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