Heather Hansen

Who Is Your Jury?

One of the first questions I ask my clients is “Who is your jury?” Because in order to be a good advocate, you have to know what you are advocating for. What do you want to win? It may be more sales, more attention, more loyalty, more engagement. Once we know what you are advocating for, then we have to know who you are advocating to. Who is your jury? Because if you want to win, you have to know and understand your jury. 

In the next few weeks I’ll be working with a number of different groups of people. First, I’m keynoting to a group of retired people. They want to win control over their healthcare and their finances, so their juries are doctors, nurses and insurance companies. Then I’m working with a group of young women who want to win promotions, raises, and respect. Their juries are their bosses and their colleagues. Next up–salespeople. Their juries are clients and customers, and they want to win sales. Finally, I’ll be working one on one with a CEO who wants to win funding from her investors and then support from Fortune 500 companies. So she has two juries–the investors and the CEOs and CHROs.

You have to know your jury, so you can create a case that will speak to them. In order to touch their hearts and win their support, attention, loyalty and engagement, you have to know what they want, what they need and what they like. Know your jury. Care about them, and understand that they decide whether you win or lose. Your jury gives you your win, and in the best cases you help them win as well. 

Heather Hansen

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