Heather Hansen

I Wish I Could Do It for You

I wish I could do it for you. I wish I could take your big idea, put it into my head, and use the tools of an advocate to get all that your big idea needs. I’d advocate to win support, attention, loyalty and engagement for your big idea.

But I wouldn’t just need your big idea. I’d also need all the time you’ve devoted to it. I would need all of the attention you’ve given it over the course of your life. I’d need the love and passion you have for your big idea. And I’d need your life experiences, that have contributed to your big idea. I’d need all of it. And I don’t have it. You do.

If I could do it for you, I would. But your big idea doesn’t need me to advocate for it. It needs you. You’ve given it your love, your time and your attention. Your big idea has your passion, your loyalty and your imagination. Give it your voice as well. Advocate to win what your big idea needs.

I can’t do it for you. But I can show you how. I work with people to show them how to use words, body language, tone and energy to advocate for their big ideas. Because the world needs your big idea, and your big idea needs you.

Reach out to me at heather@advocatetowin.com Together we will give your big idea what it needs–to win.

Heather Hansen

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