Heather Hansen

Trial Day 13 – Overcome Objections

We all have to be able to overcome objections as well. Other people are bound to object to what you do, or how you do it. They object, and you have to find the words and the ways to overcome. This, too, has its own chapter in my book as it is a big topic. Overcoming objections is as important as learning to object. It can be hardest when the person who is objecting, the person whose objection you must overcome, is you.

We stop ourselves far more often than others stop us. We want to try something new, but then the inner objections hold us back. Our inner objections stop us from trying, from moving, from being vulnerable, and from listening. They even stop us from objecting! If you’ve been doing the challenges thus far, you’ve probably been overcoming your own inner objections. That’s my wish for you. Because you have to overcome them to win.

In my book I tell the story of how I learned how to overcome objections in a Judge’s chambers. There, I learned the best way to overcome objections is with two words. “SO WHAT?” Because when your inner objections are examined in the light of this question, they often can’t survive. Here’s an example. I have inner objections every time I do a challenge.

“No one will sign up.”

“So what?”

“People will think you’re silly.”

“So what?”

“People won’t understand why you’re doing this.”

“So what?”

I ask “So what?”, and then I answer. And when I do, I usually find that the answer isn’t fatal. So no one signs up–the only thing I’ve lost is time, and since writing these challenges helps me become a better writer, it’s not a loss. So people think I’m silly. Sometimes I am.  So people don’t understand. They don’t need to understand And when I find those who do understand, I know I’ve found my community.

There are also times you have to overcome other’s objections. You can use “So What?” there too, but it has to be more curious. Why are you having this objection? What are you afraid of, and how can I overcome it in a way that works for both of us? These two words can be the key to unlocking better relationship with yourself and others.

Overcoming objections takes confidence, but it also builds confidence. You need confidence to succeed in life. In fact, one study showed that highly confident candidates were 2.5 times more likely to be hired for a job. Whether you want a job, an opportunity, or a relationship, you have to have to build the confidence muscle to get it. Overcoming objections is your exercise for today.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO OVERCOME OBJECTIONS. Start with your own. They tend to hold us back the most. And then share. What is one inner objections that is holding you back? And how can you overcome that sole objection today? Share with us, and share with others who need help with overcoming objections. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Heather Hansen

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