Heather Hansen

Want to Win? Go Beyond Communicating and Become an Advocate

When you want to win–sales, attention, loyalty or engagement-you have to go beyond communicating and become an advocate. Communicating is sharing ideas. That’s great when you’re at therapy, chatting with friends or having dinner with your family. But advocating is publicly supporting your ideas. When you advocate, you’re a champion and a protector for your ideas. And that’s how you win. 

A client recently came to me after working with another consultant. She wanted to get funding for her big idea and that consultant had suggest that she “over-communicate”. He said people don’t hear you the first time you share your message, and he was right. But it’s not enough to just repeat yourself. In fact, my client found that her investors were getting annoyed when she repeated her message. She had to start advocating for it.

So I talked to her about my proprietary 7x7w process. I showed her some different ways she could share her message–with data, with story, with testimonials and even with her body language. Armed with the 7x7w system, as well as a new awareness of HOW she communicated, she became an advocate. And she won the funding she needed.

There’s nothing wrong with communicating. We do it every day. But when you want to win, you have to go beyond communicating and become an advocate. 

Heather Hansen

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