Heather Hansen

Your Toughest Jury is You

Your toughest jury is you. I always tell my clients and my keynote speaking audiences that they have juries. Your jury is anyone you want to persuade, influence or convince. It might be your clients, customers, or investors. It could be your team, your family or your bank. And the way you convince any jury is by advocating. But your toughest jury is you. It’s that jury of voices inside your head that tell you you’re not enough, you can’t risk, you don’t want to fail.That’s the jury you want to persuade. Because if you can convince that jury, anyone else is easy.

And you do so by advocating. The same tools I teach my clients to use to advocate for yourself and your ideas in your career and your personal life can be used to with your jury of voices inside your head. Evidence is one example. Collect evidence of all of your successes so that when you doubt yourself you have proof of your competence. Questions are another. Question yourself, your doubts and your fears. And use perspective. Try to see things from as many points of view as possible, and then choose the one that best serves you.

Your toughest jury is you. And that’s good news. Because when you use the tools of an advocate to convince that jury, anyone else is easy. So get to work. Now, more than ever, you’ve got to advocate for yourself. If you’ve been waiting for someone else to do it for you, the wait is over. Everyone else is busy advocating for their ideas, their checkbooks, their wants and their needs. No one is coming to do it for you. And that is good news. Because it’s true that your toughest jury is you. But it’s also true that you are your own best advocate. No one can do it better than you. Start today. Advocate.

Heather Hansen

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