Heather Hansen

Who Stands Up for You?

Who stands up for you? Who tells the world what you have to offer, when you need a rest, why you’ve had enough and you just won’t take any more?  You may look to your partner, your parents, your sister, or your best friend. While it’s great to have people out there who are willing to stand up for us, those people are probably not the best suited for the job.  You are.

In lawsuits, you’re smart to hire a lawyer to advocate for you. We know the rules of evidence and the rules of law. But in life, any rules that exist are often changing and they depend on you. If you make the rules for you, it’s time to be the one to stand up for you as well.  Depending on others to fight for us is easy. If someone else is willing and able to fight your battles and sing your praises then you don’t have to do the work of advocacy. Until you do, because at some point you certainly will,  and you don’t know how. Stand up now.

If you want something, ask for it. If you need something, ask louder. When you’ve been offended, say so clearly and confidently. And when you have something to share, share it and make sure that you’re appreciated and even compensated if that feels right to you. So stand, even if your legs are shaking. The only two feet that will get you where you are going are your own. You know what you want, and where you draw the line. You know what you need, and the places where you’ll shine.  Be your own best advocate. Nobody does it better than you.

Heather Hansen

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