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The Elegant Warrior Episode 268 – How to Believe Part 2: Prove It

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31 July · Episode 268

Part 2 – Prove Your Belief

29 Min, 52 Sec · By Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen continues her 'How to Believe' series. Heather explains the power of evidence & how you can collect or create it to build belief.

In part 2 of my How to Believe series, I will explain the next step to believing in yourself and I’ll share how I recently used this to go on a trip I’ll never forget.

We’ll Discuss

  • How to make yourself believe first
  • The power of evidence and storytelling (the Santa Claus experience)
  • How we can both collect and create evidence to build belief
  • Why we may need to take the leap and do the thing in order to create our own evidence

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