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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 113 – Interview with Alisa Cohn — YOU Are a Start-Up

The Elegant Warrior is the podcast about elegance in all of its many forms. We’re talking about our definitions of elegance and how we maintain it during times of trial.


In these uncertain days, it has quickly become more important than ever to listen carefully to your inner jury and start giving real credit to your inner voice. It’s time to reflect on your self-talk — do you speak to yourself in a motivational way, especially in challenging times? Do you stay focused on the things that matter most and motivate yourself with attainable baby steps? We know that constraints can drive creativity, but what does that mean in your efforts to advocate for yourself? I’m joined today by the number one start-up coach in the world — Alisa Cohn. She shares some of the techniques that she uses to help start-up companies succeed, and together we explore how those same techniques can be applied to your personal start-up efforts.


Today we discuss —

How to master your personal start-up efforts

  • Utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to increase your creativity and productivity
  • Resilience and persistence are key to your successful start-up
  • Constraints can drive creativity if you approach them with the right perspective
  • Keep your expectations lower when trying new things
  • Ask yourself what you want to have accomplished when you look back on your efforts


Effective leadership in every situation

  • Leaders need to take time for themselves before expecting to lead others effectively
  • Acting in humility, rather than vulnerability, is a key leadership goal
  • The number one job of a leader is to help their people navigate uncertainties
  • Three points for leadership that can be applied to the individual every day
  • Aim for small forward-moving baby steps rather than perfection


Staying Motivated During Times of Crisis

  • Maintain clarity — don’t allow yourself to be distracted by every small idea that comes along
  • Repetition is an essential key to communicating your expectations, especially to yourself
  • Identify and congratulate yourself on the quick wins of everyday life
  • Focus on what is possible, regardless of the constraints of life


Alisa’s book recommendation is What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful, by Marshall Goldsmith


Alisa’s song choice is “Closer to Fine,” by The Indigo Girls
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