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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 26 – Interview With Cathie O’Donnell

Cathie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is also a force of nature. Cathie is a legal assistant from Gawthrop Greenwood PC, and a member of the Chester County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board. She is a presenter for NOPE (Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education) and in 2018 she was named to the Mayor’s Opioid Action Task Force as an advisory board member. All of this because her son, Shane O’Donnell died at 22 years old of a drug overdose the developed from an addiction to painkillers for a back injury. Cathie turned her pain to purpose and has saved lives in the process. She has worked with police to ensure that cruisers have Narcan, and she is tireless in continuing to educate us all.

Cathie’s book is Dreamland by Sam Quinones

And she made my year by mentioning my challenges, which you can find by searching my blogs here

Her song was Rachel Patten’s Fight Song, here

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