Heather Hansen

“You Cut Them, You Marry Them” – Anatomy of a Total Knee Replacement

As you may have seen from my blog “The Science of a Spark” I had the chance to watch a knee replacement live. While we don’t have a video of a knee replacement surgery here, we do have the next best thing. Dr. Booth, the world’s most experienced knee replacement surgeon, talks to us about what knee replacement surgery entails.

Dr. Booth goes through the preparation for total knee replacement surgery, what it entails and what to expect. He also talks about the relationship between a doctor and his patients.

When speaking about his surgical patients, Dr. Booth said “You cut them, you marry them” Isn’t that the level of commitment we want in our relationship with our doctors? This is a relationship we’re talking about, and a very personal one at that.  Please watch this video, share it with anyone you think might benefit from it, and let us know what you think in the comments section.  Do you feel like you have that kind of a personal relationship with any of your doctors? Do you want to, or would you rather just get surgery and be done with it?

What can your doctors do to make the relationship more personal and, maybe more importantly, what can you do? Because that’s always the best question. What can I do?

Heather Hansen

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