Heather Hansen

Trial Day 24 – Collaborate

In my job as a trial attorney, I see more conflict than collaboration. While I work with my team to prepare for trial, the actual case is inherently a conflict. More often than not, there’s a lot of yelling. However, now I work with companies and individuals, giving them specific tools to ask better questions, master objections and use evidence to improve themselves, their teams, and their lives. It’s a collaborative effort, and it feels different. When we collaborate, the results come faster, and with more fun on the way. When we work together, things change.

So many times we think we should, or we must, go it alone. We feel alone, so there’s no choice. Or we feel like no one can do what needs to be done as well as we can, so we make the choice to believe that we are alone. Your belief becomes your reality. And being alone is not fun, but it’s also not healthy. Studies on “Blue Zones” (areas where residents live to be much older than the rest of the world) show that community is strong in those areas. They collaborate.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO COLLABORATE.  Find something that needs to be done, then find someone to do it with you. Tap into human resources at your disposal–the savvy friend, the smart colleague, the sage mentor. Give and take, take and give. When you work with other, you’re all more likely to win.

Then collaborate with us! What did you do to work with others today? How did it make you feel? We all can benefit from one another, and I believe that’s what we’re here to do. See you tomorrow!

Heather Hansen

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