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An Email I Will Never Forget

This week I want to share an email I received from my friend, and someone who inspires me every day, Zena. She has used the advocacy tools from the courtroom to be on her OWN side and to advocate for herself. She said I could share her email, so here you go. You can do the same. YOU are The Elegant Warriors!

Dear Heather!

I wanted to let you know what happened with me & my Dr.’s over this weekend. As I mentioned to you I advocated for myself with the hopes of the Dr’s hearing me & possibly seeing things my way. Allow me to elaborate so it makes better sense. I was told that I have to do Home Dialysis along with In Center Dialysis. This got me quite upset but I listened even getting the surgery needed to do the new Dialysis. After getting the new port inserted i was told that I had to do 11-12 hours a day every single day and go In Center 2-3 days a week for 4 hours each session. Needless to say I was very upset & worried that not only would I have no time to do anything else but also not to even see Family & Friends.

After doing some of my own research and comparing everything with my weekly lab reports to me it seemed a bit excessive. I don’t believe that I am a Dr but I am someone who knows & understands end stage renal failure like the back of my hand. I watched my Father go thru this 19 years before he passed. I know this disease!

I gathered everything up & presented it to my Nurse then my Dr’s. I was told they would think about it and this morning I was told that I would be able to do the Home Dialysis 9 1/2 hours 6 days a week having 1 day off. I also will go to in Center Dialysis 2 days a week for 3 hours. After 45 days I will be reevaluated to see where we can alter (hopefully lower) Dialysis.

Never would this be possible had I not be so in touch with what you have been teaching me. I have listened, read nearly everything 2 or 3 times. I absolutely owe this to you & I had to tell you.

Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU! I love you, you are so very supportive & have been since you found out about my situation. This disease will in fact kill me but at least I will go my way. I am blessed.

So much love & respect to you Heather!

Your friend

Heather Hansen

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