Heather Hansen

Trial Day 23 – Look For The Laughter

I used to think trials had to be serious things. Often my cases involve patients with catastrophic injuries–brain damage, paralysis, and death. Always, the cases are vitally important to my clients. Theses are doctors who went to school and studied and trained to help people. Now they are accused of hurting. It’s serious business.

And yet–we have to find space for laughter. I’ve learned that even in the depths of conflict or sorrow, there is room for laughter. It reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore show where she gets the giggles at the funeral. Sometimes we just have to laugh and the laughter finds us. Other times, we have to go looking for the laughter. Don’t forget to do so.

Laughing is good for you. The benefits are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Laughter creates connections. Laughter even helps us learn.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO FIND LAUGHTER You could try thinking of it like a scavenger hunt and challenge yourself to find laughter where it is hiding. I find that if I start my day by asking myself where I’ll find the laughter, and then end the day noting where it was found, I am much more likely to find it. What you focus on does grow. Focus on laughter today, and let us know where you found it!

And please continue to share–both your thoughts, and the challenge itself. The more we share the more we grow.

Heather Hansen

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