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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 202 – Advocating & Regrets

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28 February · Episode 202

Advocating and Regrets

17 Min, 37 Sec · By Heather Hansen

In this episode, Heather Hansen uses the book by Daniel Pink called The Power of Regret to discuss the connection between advocacy and regret.

Today we will talk about advocating and regrets, and to help better understand this topic I will be using the book by Daniel Pink called The Power of Regret. His book brings to light 4 types of regrets which are foundational regrets, connection regrets, moral regrets  and boldness regrets. But we will focus on the boldness regrets. Boldness regrets are chances not taken, such as not advocating for yourself when you knew you deserved something.

Listen as I tell you about the power of regret and how it teaches us so much about ourselves and how advocating for yourself can lead to less regrets.

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