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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 122 – The Ten Tools of an Advocate, All in One Place

Today I’m sharing with you everything that I love about the ten-week advocacy course that I have been thinking and planning and preparing for, for years. This course distills down the ten tools of an advocate in a way that you can use to communicate with confidence to both your inner jury and your outer jury. I will teach you how to identify your inner jury and then help you communicate and advocate to your outer jury with more confidence than you’ve ever had before. We will spend a week on each of the ten tools of an advocate, and I want to share with you a first look at each of them on today’s podcast. I have seen these tools work in my life and in the lives of all of my clients, and I am eager to help you see the value of this investment of time, money, and effort spent on yourself to help you get what you need most in your life right now. YOU are your own best advocate. No one else can do it for you, but I can certainly help with my ten-week course.


Today we discuss —


The value of learning how to advocate for yourself

  • You may think that one-on-one coaching may not be the right fit for you right now, but this course will give you the tools you need at a price you won’t want to miss.
  • My superpower isn’t my ability to advocate for others, it’s teaching people how to advocate for themselves.
  • The preparation you will gain from this course is the key to your confidence in advocating for yourself.
  • Juries don’t want to hear from the people advocating for you, they want to hear from the most confident YOU.


The ten tools of an advocate we will cover in this course

  • Elegance in what you advocate for and choosing your highest potential
  • The magic of words and how to use them effectively in self-talk and with your jury
  • Changing your perspective and your thoughts as well as the thoughts of your outer jury
  • The powerful questions that can build connection, challenge, build love, and create opportunities
  • Increasing your credibility to believe in yourself so that others believe in you as well
  • Using evidence effectively to support your story, your perspective and your ‘ask’ to get what you want
  • Reception and reading of body language as a tool for understanding the messages you are sending and receiving
  • The presentation of your body language and how to control your tone of voice to effectively share your message
  • Negotiation with yourself and with others, when to set non-negotiables, and how to negotiate most effectively
  • Argument — the last resort of an advocate, and how to use it most effectively


What you will gain from this course

  • These ten tools will help you find the confidence you need to advocate for yourself now.
  • My money-back guarantee ensures that you will get what you need most out of this course.
  • Weekly Zoom meetings and a Facebook group will give you the support you need.
  • You will be part of a community of men and women who are advocating for themselves with confidence.


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