Heather Hansen

Would You Like to Buy An “E”?

Later today, I am giving a talk on mindfulness to a group of about 400 lawyers. How am I going to sell mindfulness to a group of lawyers? And yes I do mean sell. Because we are all selling, all the time. In my talks, I’m selling my ideas. When these lawyers are on trial, they are selling their cases to the juries. Speakers, lawyers, real estate agents, customer experience agents–we are all selling. Teachers are selling their lessons to their students. Parents are selling vegetables to their children. And the way I hope to sell mindfulness to these lawyers is by getting in their heads. And showing them that selling is all about perspective.

The greatest book I’ve ever read on sales is To Sell Is Human, by Daniel Pink. He makes the case that we are all selling, all the time. And he proposes that one thing that makes a good salesperson is the ability to see things through another’s perspective. If you’re selling a house and you can see things the way a buyer does, you’ll be a better seller. If you’re selling a case to a jury and you can see things through their eyes, you’re more likely to win.

Want to test your perspective? Try this, but you need a partner.  Face your partner, take your dominant hand, and snap 5 times. Then draw an E on your forehead. If the E faces your partner, you are seeing things through his perspective. If it faces you, then you’re seeing it through your own. That doesn’t make you a bad person. But it might make you a bad salesperson.

So I’m looking at thing through a lawyer’s perspective. I’m going to explain to them that mindfulness could make them happier, healthier and less likely to get divorced. I’ll explain that mindfulness will help them see things through others’ perspectives more often. And that could make better lawyers…and really rich. I’ve got my sales pitch ready.

I’m also still selling–my book! The Elegant Warrior gives you tools from the courtroom that you can use to be a better salesperson, no matter what you’re selling. You can buy it here. 

Heather Hansen

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