Heather Hansen

Trial Day 21 – Indulge Your Curiosity

Trial attorneys have to indulge their curiosity long before we reach the courtroom. We have to start during the discovery process, asking every possible question we can think of and chasing down every possible lead. Because the answers and the leads are the key to a win or a loss. Once at trial, we can’t take the chance of asking a bunch of questions we don’t already know the answer to in front of the jury. So we have to ask those questions ahead of time, indulging our curiosity as much as we can.

Indulging your curiosity will also lead to more wins for you. The research on curiosity is clear. It is the key to learning, and one of the strongest markers of academic success. It also can be used to improve your personal relationships. In my workshops I often remind participants that curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity also creates connections, and connections make us better.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE–TRY TO INDULGE YOUR CURIOSITY. Ask why. Ask it of yourself, and ask it of others. Look around you, instead of at your phone, and then ask questions about what you see. Listen, and ask questions about what you hear. The more you indulge your curiosity, the more you’ll learn today and every day. And SHARE! Remember, if you comment you get a little something from me at the end, and if you share the most (on social media, or in emails where you copy me) you get a bigger something! So share away.

Heather Hansen

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