Heather Hansen

Trial Day 30 – Advocate

Can you believe that this challenge is over? I’ll be sending an email this weekend about the surprises I’d promised but for now–our last challenge. Lots of our challenges have brought us to this point. Making objections, asking questions, and using your voice are all skills you must learn in order to be a strong advocate. But even with these skills, it can be hard to advocate for yourself.

You’ll fight for your friends, but not your own freedom. You’ll do anything for your team, but not your own needs. And you’ll battle to the death for your children, but not for your own perspective to be heard and honored. When we’re done advocating for others, we often have nothing left to advocate for ourselves. 

Today’s challenge–TRY TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF.  It starts with being prepared. Know what you feel strongly enough about that you’re willing to fight for yourself. Not everything deserves a fight, but when you know what does you are more ready for battle. Then, know your argument, and the counter argument. When you have that kind of preparation, you’re ready for the moments when you lose your train of thought.  Be patient, with yourself and with others. And finally, look at things from as many points of view as possible. Gain perspective, and your advocacy is more likely to succeed.

Once you’ve stood up, used your voice and set your own boundaries, you find the power to do so for others. Be your own best advocate.

How will you advocate for yourself today?

Heather Hansen

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