Heather Hansen

My Kindle Called Me Stupid

The other night my Kindle called me stupid. When I read during the day, I read non-fiction and hard copies of the books. But when I read at night, I read fiction in bed, on the Kindle.

I have an obsession with words and what they mean. Not only do I need to know their definitions, I also need to know their origin. That means when I’m reading on a Kindle I will put my finger on a word that I don’t know the exact meaning of, even if I know the gist. Even when I can figure out a word’s meaning in context, I want to know the word’s actual definition. Because words are magic.

Let’s take “Abracadabra”. Do you know what that word means? I didn’t, so i looked it up. Abracadabra comes from an Aramic word meaning “I create as I speak”. Our words create our reality. In the courtroom, every word we say matters. When I teach my clients to advocate for themselves I tell them a word can be the difference between a win and a loss. And the same is true outside the courtroom. Whether you’re speaking to an outer jury of clients, customers, team members or family, or you’re speaking to the inner jury of voices in your head, the words you use matter.

So on this night I was reading a book on my Kindle, and putting my finger on a lot of words. That’s when my Kindle called me stupid. A box lit up and said “would you like an easier version of this book? ” I laughed and shook my head. I didn’t want easier. I wanted more magic.

Your words are magic. Use them wisely.

Heather Hansen

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