Heather Hansen

Build Credibility and Keep It

Everyone wants to build credibility, and keep it. Here’s the key–start with yourself. It’s been over two years since I started my weekly blog. When I started, I committed to doing a video and a blog newsletter every Thursday, without fail. I made myself a promise, and set myself an expectation. For any of you who have read my book, The Elegant Warrior, or attended any of my corporate keynotes, you know that credibility is a big part of winning. You can’t win–sales, clients, attention or loyalty–if people don’t find you credible. Credibility is the foundation of trust. And you also have to trust yourself. 

That means when I make myself a promise, I really try to keep it. And when I set an expectation, I really try to meet it. So I did. I put out a video with a blog every Thursday, even when it was hard. It’s been so much fun, and also so much work! I love it, and I love your feedback every week. But now it’s time for me to make myself some new promises and set myself some new expectations. 

More and more corporations and associations are asking me to do keynotes. I want to serve them well. And that means tailoring the talk to each group. It also means travel. In addition, I’m writing for more publications. So I’m going to be cutting back on my videos and newsletters.  I want to let you know that you won’t be getting a newsletter every week. I want to maintain my credibility with you. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from me at all. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter you’ll be the first to know about some great things I have in the works for the fall and in 2020. You’ll be the first to know about some special things happening for the podcast, the book and some live events. You see,  I’m making new promises and setting new expectations with you as well. 

When you make a promise, keep it. When you set an expectation, meet it. And when you can no longer do so, explain. I have to practice what I preach. Credibility is that important. See you soon!

Heather Hansen

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