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The Elegant Warrior Episode 237 – How to Choose – 4 Steps to Making Your Best Choices/Decisions

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31 October · Episode 237

4 Steps to Making Your Best Choices & Decisions

24 Min, 27 Sec · By Heather Hansen

In this podcast Heather Hansen discusses 4 steps to use to make choices. Discover how to make decisions & learn from choices already made.

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices, specifically the choices that brought me to the new place I’ll be calling home. In my second book, Advocate to Win, I broke down three steps to making choices. I’ve recently added a fourth step that I’m excited to share in today’s podcast.

We’ll Discuss

  • Why I prefer the word ‘choose’ over ‘decide’
  • Times in life where we choose without realizing it
  • Lessons I’ve learned from my choices in moving
  • How to determine which part of you is choosing

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Heather Hansen

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