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The Elegant Warrior Episode 226 – Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and “Tell Me What You Want Me To Know”

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15 August · Episode 226

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and “Tell Me What You Want Me To Know”

31 Min, 11 Sec · By Heather Hansen

In this episode of The Elegant Warrior, Heather Hansen speaks with Judge Rosemarie Aquilina as they discuss a magical question.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina shares how her career was molded by her upbringing and the importance of really listening. We also talk about the magical question she asked during her infamous trial that I have continued to ask to this day.

We’ll Discuss

  • How her desire to be heard as a child played a role in becoming a lawyer, and how a child abuse case moved her to become a judge
  • Why she decided to stop writing during law school
  • How her approach to the infamous sexual abuse trial of sports doctor Larry Nassar allowed for the Army of Survivors to come forward

About Judge Aquilina

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina was elected to the 30th Circuit Court for Ingham County in November of 2008. She became part of Michigan’s history by becoming the first female JAG Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard when she enlisted. Ultimately, she became one of the most requested JAG Officers because of her dedication to service and the soldiers she served with. Judge Aquilina opened Aquilina Law Firm, PLC, which grew to become very successful and which resulted in her becoming the host of Ask the Family Lawyer, which became syndicated.  

In addition to all the other amazing things Rosemarie does, she is also a published author with three books under belt- All Rise, Feel No Evil, and Triple Cross Killer. Her books are thrillers from start to finish, keeping everyone guessing and on the edge of their seat. 

Judge Aquilina’s Books

Just Watch me:

All Rise-

Feel No Evil:

Triple Cross Killer:

Judge Aquilina’s Book Recommendation: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell:

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