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The Elegant Warrior Episode 233 – How to Ask for Advocates (Referrals, Testimonials, Promoters, Mentors, Fans…)

The Elegant Warrior Podcast Cover

3 October · Episode 233

How to Ask for Advocates

19 Min, 38 Sec · By Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen helps you to feel comfortable asking for advocates. A fast way to turn even adversaries into supporters!

Asking others, even friends, to advocate for us does not always come naturally. Recognizing that asking is the fastest way to a win could be the motivation to turn everyone around us, even adversaries, into our advocates.

We’ll Discuss

  • How to be comfortable asking the people around us for advocacy
  • The difference between implying and directly asking
  • Getting over the feeling that you shouldn’t have to ask

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Heather Hansen

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