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Elegant Warrior Episode 188 – I’ve Got You Energy

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23 November · Episode 188

I've Got You Energy

17 Min · By Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen discusses in detail what the “I’ve Got You Energy” is, how you can become that person, and why it can be life changing.

Have you ever hired someone to do something for you and you just know it’s going to be done correctly? Or have you assigned someone a job to do at work and you know that they are going to get the work done no matter what? This is what I call the “I’ve Got You Energy.”

Today on The Elegant Warrior Podcast, I will be discussing in detail what the “I’ve Got You Energy” is and how you can become the person that others know will complete a given task no matter what obstacles get in your way. This energy can be life changing for you on the receiving end as well as the giving end, and I will go over ways that will help you get better at both.

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