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Am I Using My Voice If No One Listens?

“Everyone tells me to ‘use my voice’. But no one is listening…….” My coaching client added this at the end of our first hour together. I had to extend the session. Because this is the truth of what many of my clients face, and we have to talk about it. I teach women to advocate […]

A Jazz Split and Self Confidence

Who knew a jazz split would teach me my greatest lesson about self confidence? The other day I was walking the dog with my niece when I started cheering. And I don’t mean “Rah Rah!” I mean “Feehan Shamrocks at their best. We’ll put you to the test.” My niece looked as me like I’d […]

Drifting Out to Sea, Saved by an Advocate

“I’m drifting out to sea!” My niece is 9 (and a half) and when she cried out “I’m drifting out to sea!” she really believed it. Fear is a compelling story, and her Inner Jury was taking that story and, well, drifting with it. It was last weekend, and she was on my paddleboard alone […]

The Power of Non Negotiables

Do you know the power of non negotiables? I do. Non negotiables are those things that are not open to modification. I’ve used non negotiables to lose 100 pounds, write an Amazon best seller and maintain a popular podcast for almost two years. I also use non negotiables to schedule my day, ensure my mental […]

Help Your Jury Choose the Story that Works for You

What’s a Jury’s Job? A jury chooses, and your job as an advocate is to help your jury choose the story that works for you. When I was a young trial attorney I realized this truth. And that’s when my law practice changed. Before that, I thought the jury was there to judge me and […]

First Choose What You Want

First, choose what you want. “What do you want?” When I ask my legal clients that question, most of the time I already know the answer. They want to win, especially at the beginning. I represent doctors whose patients have sued them. And when they receive that notice of a lawsuit, they’re scared, angry, and […]

If You Aren’t Losing, You Aren’t Trying the Tough Stuff

The first time I lost a trial I honestly wasn’t sure I’d recover. I’d tried less than 10 jury trials, and I’d been fortunate enough to win them all. This case was different though. During the 2 year period from when the case was filed to when we went to trial, I knew it was […]

Be Where Your Feet Are – One Way to Be More Productive

“Be where your feet are.” I don’t know the origin of this quote, but I heard Bob Goff repeat it in a recent podcast interview. (I love anything Bob does and just bought his latest, Dream Big, here). While I heard this quote long ago, it resonated even more this time. During the pandemic one […]

Three Things Jury Trials Taught Me About Asking for What I Want

There are three things that jury trials taught me about asking for what I want. And I found that these 3 lessons apply to life outside the courtroom as well. I’ve used them to get what I want, and so have my clients. In fact, my coaching clients have used these three lessons to ask […]