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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 127 – Owning Your Role as an Elegant CEO

Do you manage and lead a team but hesitate to call yourself the CEO? Do you feel uncomfortable or even apologetic about the successes you’ve worked so hard for? It’s time for that to stop, and my guest today is here to give you permission to own your role as CEO. Thought leader and entrepreneurial expert Kris Plachy understands how to manage anyone on anything at any time, and it all starts with owning your role as a feminine leader. Together Kris and I talk about the importance of building a team to help you get things done and how changing your future can be as simple as changing your mindset. Join me as we discuss the importance of leading a team with confidence in any setting, whether you are in the courtroom, the classroom, or working from home.


Today we discuss —

The importance of building a team

  • Telling yourself that you should be good at something when you’re not only prevents you from finding the resources that will help you get things done.
  • Transitioning from solopreneur to CEO requires that you figure out how to get work done through other people.
  • There is power in overcoming the voiceless problem that you should feel shame about your inability to build a team.
  • Your passion can be your poison for others and for yourself, but you can change that.


You are a CEO — own it

  • No one is going to give you the title in your own business, but you can give it to yourself.
  • A CEO has a different mindset than a solopreneur or an entrepreneur — which one do you want to be?
  • Leadership is feminine, and women have valuable leadership skills that the business world needs.


Change your future by owning your leadership

  • Be unapologetic about who you are and what you have to offer the world.
  • Step into the title that garners the respect that you deserve in your role.
  • Clearly communicate the expectations that people can have of you.
  • “Never apologize” is poor leadership advice — don’t hesitate to apologize when harm has been done.
  • The systems for good leadership and managing people well are the same in every industry.


Kris’s book recommendation is Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Gabrielle Bernstein


Kris’s song choice: “Defying Gravity” from Wicked


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