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The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 103 – Interview with Sylvia Balfour

The Elegant Warrior is the podcast about elegance in all of its many forms. We’re talking about our definitions of elegance and how we maintain it during times of trial.

The conversations we have with ourselves hold the power to change our attitude, our outlook and our influence in any situation, especially in these unprecedented times of COVID-19. I’m joined today by motivational speaker and emotional intelligence expert Sylvia Baffour. She shares ways we can develop greater emotional intelligence and illustrates the power of choosing elegance in seasons of crisis and calm.

Today we discuss —

How to develop your emotional intelligence

  • Sylvia’s motivation for writing her book began at a boarding school in Zimbabwe.
  • How aware are you of the impact that you have on the people around you?
  • Are we born with emotional intelligence or do we grow into it?
  • Sylvia shares the life lesson she learned when she met Maya Angelou

Using your words to handle your emotions

  • Begin by understanding the three components of emotions.
  • Saying ‘I feel’ gives you greater control over your emotions than saying ‘I am.’
  • Identify the difference between reacting and responding.
  • Recognize and reframe the self-talk conversation inside your head.
  • The value of growing the gap between triggers and the moment when you react

The value of talking to yourself

  • Enduring through a time of trial can lead to triumph and reward.
  • Recognize and stop harmful monologue.
  • Sylvia shares an expensive story about the cost of negative self-talk.
  • How to properly talk yourself through the self-isolation of COVID-19

Sylvia’s book recommendation is How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

Sylvia’s song choice is Tina Turner’s The Best

Sylvia’s book is I Dare You to Care: Using Emotional Intelligence to Inspire, Influence, and Achieve Remarkable Growth

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