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The Elegant Warrior Episode 239 – Compassion: The Key to Self Advocacy, Negotiation and Self Help

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14 November · Episode 239

Learning How to Advocate With Compassion

17 Min, 22 Sec · By Heather Hansen

Listen to Heather Hansen discuss how compassion & perspective can be weapons in self help. Learn more about aspect of the 5 C's of advocacy.

Out of my 5 C’s of an advocate, I often emphasize compassion, curiosity, and credibility as the most important. In this solo episode, we will highlight how compassion and perspective can be secret weapons in self-advocacy.

We’ll Discuss

  • How my definition of compassion goes beyond just the desire to take action
  • The difference between perspective and empathy
  • How perspective has allowed me to even maintain relationships with some of my exes
  • How a letter from a dear friend motivates me to continue seeing things from other’s perspectives

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Heather Hansen

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